About Ebani


I am a Prairie girl. I was born and raised in Biggar, Saskatchewan to my entrepreneurial parents who owned and operated a small tire shop. Needless to say hard work and going above and beyond the call of duty for your customers has been instilled in me since birth. You do the right thing to help the customer always. After high school I tried Alberta, and Ontario and landed right back in Saskatoon 16 years ago. Home will always be home. It was then that I started my journey in Lending and Real Estate.

After college I spent 3 years as a Finance Manager in the Auto Industry and then right as the Real Estate boom started to hit Saskatoon I accepted a job to Manage a Real Estate office for two very busy and successful Realtors. I enjoyed that position for the next 3 years learning absolutely everything about this wonderful industry. This is something I am still heavily involved in and pride myself on my knowledge of our local market conditions at all times. It’s actually a hobby that just ends up helping my clients when they have questions about the properties and areas they are deciding on.

When it was time for change, I thought, what can I do now? So I combined my passion for Real Estate, with my knowledge in Lending and knew that becoming a Mortgage Lender would be a great fit. It was then that I joined the growing team of Mobile Mortgage Specialists for one of the big banks. For 7 years I grew my knowledge, gained fantastic experience and became an expert in my field. But with this experience I became aware that something was missing, and that my customers deserved more. It was then that I saw an opportunity I could not ignore. After pondering this idea for many years, I finally made the big decision to follow in the foot steps of my entrepreneurial parents. By April 2016 I was a licensed Mortgage Associate. Which means this year, I’ve been providing Mortgage Financing for a total of 10 years! :)

When people ask me if I enjoy my career my answer is always Yes!!! I love Mortgages and I love people SO much, seriously, I am incredibly passionate about helping clients with the biggest financial decision they will ever make. I care deeply and take my responsibility very seriously when it comes to the advice I give my clients. My job is to make sure my clients choose the right mortgage product for them, their family and their future and that they are fully educated about the process from start to finish. By opening Mortgages by Ebani along side my great team at TMG The Mortgage Group, not only do I have access to the big banks but also to the Lenders within the Mortgage Broker Channel. I can now better customize my Mortgages for my clients and offer them way more choices and exceptionally better service. Simply put, I’m now working for my clients, not the bank.

My experience is unique, and it's what my clients need in this ever changing and often complicated world. My promise to you is simple, I will take care of you.  For a free consultation please call, email or text anytime. I’m never too busy. ☺

P. 306.262.5851
F: 855.565.1640
E. ebani@mortgagegroup.com

Associate License #316738

Brokerage License #315872